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Jan 12, 2019

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5th Session of Tibetan Medical Training Course in Yushu

After the devastating earthquake in Yushu (Qinghai Province) in 2010, Tibet Foundation had agreed to support the request made by the local people to fund medical training courses to upgrade and improve medical knowledge of Tibetan doctors and health workers in the Yushu Prefecture. 
After completing four such courses, the Yushu Tibetan Medical Hospital has organized and started the 5th and the final Medical Training on 6th of January 2019 in Kyigudo town in Yushu. Several medical specialists including professor Dr Wangdak Sonam have been invited to conduct the course. 52 doctors and health workers are attending this 3-month course. 
Tibet Foundation was able to provide the entire fund necessary. We would like to thank all our donors and supporters for their generosity without which we could not have done it so successfully. Our regional representative Lobsang Tsondue was present at the opening session of the courses.