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Studentship at King's College and the University of Cambridge

Aug 24, 2012

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The Williams Papworth Studentship at King`s College and the University of Cambridge is now inviting applications for the Academic Year beginning October 2013

Sangjie Zhaxi - Lionel - will be the first holder of the King`s College and University of Cambridge Williams Papworth Studentship. From October 2012 he will study for a one-year MPhil at the Judge Institute of Management Studies (or Judge Business School), Cambridge University. Sangjie is from the Mongghul community in the Wuwei Region of Gansu Province on the Tibetan plateau. His goal, once he has completed the MPhil, is to initiate his own NGO and to continue raising funds for and implementing community development projects and cultural preservation.

The King`s College and University of Cambridge application process for entry for the academic year beginning October 2013 is now starting.

The application process is clear but complex and timing is critical.

Whilst the terms of the Studentship are not restricted, it may prove that post-graduate or affiliated undergraduate applicants are most likely to have the necessary maturity and experience.

The aim is to fund studentships for people from the Tibetan plateau or from surrounding or related regions or countries. Applicants for studentships may already have a degree or degrees, or they may have other indicators of their potential. Preference may be given to those from Tibet or those who are connected ethnically or culturally with Tibet or Tibetan Buddhism.

There is no restriction on the subject of study. The quality and potential of the applicant to make a significant and positive contribution to the wider world and/or his or her own community is more important than subject of study, ethnicity or religious affiliation.

Student funding is full, comprehensive and flexible. Funding is also available to meet costs related to disseminating information about the Studentships and to identifying appropriate students.

For information that they and you may need and to make an undergraduate, affiliated undergraduate or graduate application, follow the links below:

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King`s College Cambridge
Williams Papworth Studentship