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Yushu Flood Disaster Appeal

Sep 10, 2003

This News item expired on Nov 1, 2003.

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Yushu Flood Disaster Appeal

Tibetans with little have lost everything in a natural disaster. Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in East Tibet (Qinghai Province), was hit by torrential rain and hail storms throughout July and August 2003. Tibet Foundation Director Karma Hardy is in the disaster-affected region to assess the needs of victims and is coordinating our Emergency Relief Effort. The Tibet Foundation has launched an urgent appeal for £10,000. £25 will provide for quilts and winter clothing for one homeless family £85 for a yak will enable a nomadic family to survive on the land, resuming their traditional Tibetan way of life • Five people are dead and total losses now exceed £3,565,600 with damage reports continuing to come in from remote rural areas. • The situation in Yushu is now urgent with winter approaching. By providing emergency aid and offering longer term assistance for schools and clinics, with your support we can help Tibet again.