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Tibet Foundation Day 2001.

Sep 8, 2001

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Tibet Foundation Day 2001.

Tibet Foundation day is our annual event where we explain our work and progress of the past year. This year we are delighted to have Professor Dawa Norbu of Jawahrlal Nehru University in New Delhi to give a talk on "Sino-Tibetan Relations through the Ages: A Fresh Perspective". Professor Norbu, professor of International Relations specialising in Central Asia, is among the most lucid and outspoken of Tibetan academics. As a young man, Dawa Norbu brought a new perspective to the field of Tibetan studies - a field previously dominated by Tibetan Lamas and aristocrats, European explorers, and Communist propagandists to which he bought the perspective of an everyday Tibetan. Professor Norbu has contributed articles to a wide range of journals, and is author of "Red Star Over Tibet" and "Tibet, the Road Ahead" - two of the best known books on modern Tibet. His objectivity about Tibet both before and after 1959 has earned him the respect of many people, and the contempt of many others.